I really enjoy eating healthy and discovered beans, grains, and seeds have additional health benefits when sprouted. Not only are the healthier, they are a lot of fun to sprout! The sprouting process takes a few days, but it is well worth it.

Through the process of sprouting, I discovered that sitting a mason jar on the side of a bowl or balanced against the wall looked like clutter in the kitchen. Then came the idea for a mason jar stand and a complete sprouting kit! Please check out our custom made kits and add us to your favorites!


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We ship to anywhere in the United States.
Shipping will be USPS Priority, Fed X, or UPS.
If you have a preference, we will be happy to accommodate your choice.


We do our best to provide a clear and accurate description. Please review the items carefully. Please e-mail us through Etsy with any questions concerning our products. We also have our business email: rick@thisdudecooks.com if needed.
We will refund for items if it can be shown that we misrepresented the item.

We cannot refund for items damaged in transit. Insurance provides you protection for this. We only purchase insurance on items shipped when requested. If you would like insurance on your package please contact us, so that we can add it to your shipping cost. USPS Priority Mail comes with automatic insurance of $50.00.
You will also be required to put in a claim at the shipping company used for delivery if you receive a damaged item.

We will not be able to refund for buyer's remorse. Please ask questions, so that you know what you are buying if there is any doubt. We are very open to assisting you with your decision to purchase or not to purchase.

We want you to be a Happy Sprouter!


The Sprout Stand is our second Etsy shop. Our first shop is a vintage and eclectic shop called TreasureSpotters since 2011. We are always active in the hunt for treasure. Please visit us there if you are interested in antique, vintage, or eclectic treasures.

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